Developing Climate Smart AgriTech and
ForestTech Pathways


Developing Climate Smart AgriTech and ForestTech Pathways

GHG emissions from agriculture and forest management require targeted reduction from current levels. We ensure convergence between the climate actions of our agriculture clients and the national climate-smart agriculture initiative of achieving net zero emissions through a systematic and data-driven implementation of decarbonization efforts.
Be accountable for your carbon emissions today to ensure a sustainable tomorrow by deploying Zasti’s ATOM solutions-driven approach

Establishment of accurate Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions baselines that are compliant with standardized GHG protocol methodologies and frameworks. Zasti’s ATOM AI proprietary algorithms and extensive domain expertise enables the precise measurement of direct and indirect carbon emissions.

  • Measure and map emissions across Scope 1, 2, & 3 categories
  • Strict adherence to GHG, IPCC, EPA and more protocol methodologies
  • Enable transparency and standardization in carbon estimation using block chain architecture

With the guidance of Zasti’s ESG and AgriTech experts and AI Regulatory Engine, ATOM accurately identifies carbon emissions hotspots using pre-designed algorithms providing clients with an AI-driven decarbonization strategy in line with their sustainability goals.

  • Identifies carbon emission hotspots with maximum energy bleeds
  • Industry standards & competitor emission baselining and benchmarking
  • Online carbon footprint analytics and trend analysis performance
  • Creation of “what-if” scenarios for optimization
  • Generates decarbonization strategy reports

Optimize and Offset your clients’ carbon footprint based on “The Oxford Principles of Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting”. Reduce emissions across the value chain through efficiency measures using Zasti’s ATOM. Zasti’s ATOM’s carbon tech solutions achieve continuous optimization and offsetting of carbon emissions.

  • Identify scientifically affirmed decarbonization goals and channel this information into carbon estimation
  • AI-optimized pathways customized for your carbon optimization strategy
  • Accurately predict the carbon footprint and optimize carbon offset options in carbon markets
  • Provide value through partner ecosystem from carbon trading to commodity trading

Zasti’s ATOM AI designs customized decarbonization strategies and applies sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) models for accurate monitoring and reporting. It tracks real-time progress of emissions reductions through user-friendly dashboards that integrate accounting, sustainability and disclosure details. This enables farmers’ and forest management organizations to monetize their green initiatives.

  • Monetize green initiatives using carbon and solar credits and commodity sale
  • Monitor progress towards decarbonization goals using online dashboard
  • Proprietary BI and AI Regulatory Engine
  • Integrated reporting in compliance with major guidelines that include the GRI, SASB, CDP, and CDSB
  • Prepopulated fields save time and eliminate inaccuracies
  • Customizable stakeholder management using online dashboards

Accelerate your
Decarbonization Process

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