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 Almost 50% of water  is lost due to evaporation and other causes such algae formation. Water when harvested is commonly stored in small storages and dams, but it is estimated that up to half of this may be lost due to evaporation. This represents a huge waste of our resource. The price and value of water increasing dramatically and the scarcity of water is the main limiting factor working against agricultural production in the US.

ATOM Solutions

Water Conservation

Zasti has developed a floatovoltaics system that helps prevent water evaporation and erosion and enables the monetization of water zones by generating electricity. The photovoltaics are buoyant, allowing them to float on water. By using machine learning models, Zasti is continuously monitoring these structures and ensuring optimum electricity generation.

Irrigation Practices

Zasti had developled regression based Machine Learning models that uses regression equations or rule curves using implicit and explicit stochastic methods, respectively. It uses data from accurate determination of the effective rainfall and the irrigation requirements of crops and identifies. Based on the data implicit and explicit stochastic reservoir operation optimization models are developed for implementation.

Buffers & Wetlands

Wetlands offer many ecosystem services including flood abatement, water quality improvement and biodiversity support yet they are globally threatened. Zasti uses deep learning-based models to characterize land cover. This provides more than 90% accuracy compared to other traditional models.

Water Conservation using Zasti Floatovoltaics

Zasti’s AI powered floating solar technology prevents water evaporation up to 90% and reduces algae and other vegetation growth completely. Floating solar are also known as photovoltaics or floating photovoltaic. It refers to any solar array that floats on top of a water body. Solar panels are affixed on buoyant structures, keeping them afloat on the water body surface. Zasti’s floating solar apart from helping save water also present opportunity for additional revenue through power generation and carbon credits


  • AI controlled and optimized
  • Monetizes water bodies
  • Reduced Algae and vegetation growth
  • Increased electricity production
  • Prevents water evaporation
  • Enhanced aquatic eco-system
  • Low O&M

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